Art of Common Space

Art of Common Space

In a house or flat common spaces are quite important. Those areas are shared with family and is really important they are designed in order to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Starting from the living room, it should have the right furniture in order to ensure convenient usage. The table, for example, should be big enough to accommodate all family’s members, sofas and armchairs should be comfortable enough to ensure good time could be spent together speaking or playing in the room itself. The kitchen, one of the most important rooms in the entire home, should be equipped with all the necessary to be used both to cook and as a gathering space: lots of families prefer to live most of time in the kitchen instead of the living room.

Bathroom is another important room to furnish. Shower or tub should be chosen with the aim to give this room a sense of refinement. Sink and cabinet should be chosen both beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

Bedrooms, where we go to rest after a hard day out, though is a more private room needs to be furnished according to owner’s enjoyment. Especially for kids, bedroom is an entire world so, apart from furniture, it should also contain all the needs to allow them play and enjoy.

Designing your stuff, as we have just seen, allow not only to have a comfortable house, but also allow you to discover and explore yourself, your tastes and your moods. By furnishing a flat you can discover new things about you and your way of seeing and thinking about stuff. Design is about you and is about your personal expressions.